The Real Deal

Do you value the beautiful and the unique? Your child is one and (s)he too recognises what is precious. Today’s photograph is that of 3 stalks of fresh gerberas and 2 plastic ones. Which will you choose?

Fresh Gerberas, Plastic Gerberas. Give your child the real deal!

Imagine the velvety suppleness of real petals? Now, think how you might feel it so gently, that all the petals stay on. Even on a monochrome photo, can you begin to count the shades of colours on it?

We are surrounded by standardised colours, battery-ed toys and plastic blocks. I love the HD quality of Unchartered and pressing a button on Buzz Light Year’s suit so his glider-wings pop out. But why not give your child a touch of the quiet life at SK Children Working? Perhaps, you will remember you like it too.

We will be posting regularly to tell you a little more about the playgroup each time. Until then!


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