Happy Half-Term


South Kensington Children Working is on holiday! We return Monday, 5th November 2012 from 9.45-10.45am.
I leave you with a hurriedly-taken photograph of beautiful Charlotte exploring with painting watercolour and discovering that she can print with the watercolour blocks and make patterns! Who needs a paintbrush?

Charlotte Painting/ Printing

Our Living Social 3- session deal runs till the end of this week!

Lastly, the Maria Montessori Training Organisation is offering ‘Montessori in the Home for Children Under Three’. This is a six week orientation to take place one evening a week. It will be held at Hampstead on Wednesdays and at Hornsey Rise on Mondays. They will also be offering Practical Workshops during the day which can be signed up for individually. Please note – some are for children under three to participate in as well! Maria Montessori herself taught at the Institute in Hampstead. If you are lucky, you might even run into some of her students!

Montessori in the Home Hornsey Rise
I am having some trouble uploading the registration form if you email me, I will forward you the pdf.

Have a wonderful day!


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