Happy Holidays!

Children Working playgroup sessions are now finished for the year. In 2013, we will be moving to Islington! The location is yet to be confirmed. The blog will continue and we will keep you updated on the progress. If you know of an available location, do email. A clean and calm environment fits the bill. Thank you all parents, carers and children who have visited us this year. And we hope to see you soon!

We wish you a happy new year with a photograph of Andre and his cut-up bananas and pouring himself a drink.


Preparing a snack and pouring themselves a drink is one of the most popular things the children who come to us enjoy doing. If you are thinking of setting up a low table at home for your own toddler to pour his own drink, start with just enough water in the jug to fill half a shot-glass, then slowly increasing it to enough water to fill a whole shot-glass and and then just a full jug. Also consider showing your child how to pour from a jug by putting both hands on the jug and leaving the glass on a stable surface. Very young children have not developed co-ordination necessary for manipulating different objects on both hands and using them together. Make sure your child knows where to get a dry cloth from when there is a spill so that he can do that too!


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