To the mother


What a busy weekend for women. Tomorrow, we celebrate International Women’s Day, aptly right after we celebrate World Book Day considering women make up two-thirdsof the world’s illiterate. On Saturday, Oxford Street in London closes for Million Women Rise march to end violence against Women. Then on Sunday, we celebrate the wonderful human being that is a mother.

My partner and I are planning for a child and I have mostly been leaning towards becoming a stay-at-home mom, primarily out of extreme personal interest: to practise Montessori! With my own child in my own carefully prepared environment. Working freelance and for myself in the last 6 months has been so enjoyable and has endeared me so much to working in my schools and playgroups that my stay-at-home mom decision is becoming rather undecided.
This Mother’s Day, I would like to salute every mother who has had to make this rather impossible decision.

I leave you with this story from Jay Hunt, Chief Creative Officer of Channel 4, as quoted by Stylist Magazine :

“Don’t beat yourself up about being a working mum. A few years ago my three-year-old daughter came into our kitchen wearing my heels and carrying a handbag. I asked her where she was going and she said, “I am going to run BBC One.’ I was horrified when I realised she thought of her mum as someone who on her glad rags and headed off to work. But in truth, it’s rather wonderful to have little girls believing they can achieve whatever they want. I wish someone had told me that you can’t have it all, but you can be kinder to yourself about the decisions you make in life.”

Mothers, everything you do is important. Well done!


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