The Montessori Adolescent Programme Explained

A talk by Laurie Ewert-Krocker, head of the adolescent programme at Hershey Montessori School about the Montessori programme for Adolescents. – coming soon!

The needs of the human being follow the developmental stage he is in. The needs of the baby differs greatly from the toddler from the child from the almost teen and so on. Each stage builds on the developments made by the one before. There is a wonderful rhythm to this with 0-6 years being a period of ‘intense internal construction’ when lots of growth, learning and perfecting happens. This is a difficult period, what with teeth and bones growing, everything hurts, catching all sorts of germs and viruses while your immunity build. You are learning to speak, to walk, to hold things in your hands and use them. The elementary years of 6-12 are relatively peaceful compared to that. Your body is robust, you can do lots of things and easily participate in social life of the adult and the child.

And then comes the teenage years, which is again another period of intense construction or reconstruction in a sense. The adolescent’s brain is basically reconfiguring itself at this point. So not unlike the years from 0-6, things can be a little confusing. Unfortunately, society’s expectations are that the adolescent is older and so should be more able, more responsible etc, when in fact, it is quite the opposite. In addition to this, physical changes like growth spurts make you a little clumsy and very tired (from all that growing!) It is a strange and confusing time. For this developmental stage, Montessori designed a programme called the Erdkinder where the teenager can spend time learning and also discovering himself among peers and understanding adults, away from the direct expectations of society as he figures out himself and his role in this world. If it all sounds a little fluffy, it isn’t. There is lots of academic work involved. It’s just presented and structured in a way that is sound and relevant to the holistic developmental needs of the adolescent. To find out more, sign up for this talk hosted by the Maria Montessori Institute and The Montessori Place



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