About the playgroup

The Playgroup

South Kensington Children Working is a parent/ carer- child playgroup where adult and child discover the pleasures of working with everyday and natural materials based on the observations of Maria Montessori with the support of a Montessori- Trained Directress.

Children under the age of 6 years learn from exploration and experience of interacting with their environment. They are extremely interested in the language, movement and social culture of the people around them and they especially enjoy doing things with their hands. To facilitate this, Montessorians prepare a safe environment full of carefully chosen materials to motivate and interest children to interact with them. This environment and the things in it are looked after, kept clean and tidy to encourage children to value and respect them. The physical order of this environment and consistency in adult responses allow children to feel safe and explore freely.

The playgroup also has a book corner, opportunity for children to prepare their own healthy fruit snack and a different activity for practising art techniques. Every session will include small groups for encouraging development of phonological awareness, an essential literacy skill, and will finish with a group for song and dance. Observe and allow your child to guide his own development and reveal himself through his choices. Can’t imagine it? Come have a look with your little one. We cater to children aged 2.5- 5 years.

Click on the link to find out What Really Happens During The Playgroup

Playgroup Guidelines

  • Sessions are limited to 6 accompanied and 2 unaccompanied places.
  • Parents are responsible for their children at all times. For further information on adult-child interaction and what to expect, you can read a descriptive post about what happens during a typical session of the playgroup.
  • Attendance and cancellations by booking via email or text only up (to 24 hours before).

Contact: Wen, skchildrenworking@gmail.com

Dates and Times: 2013

    • We are in the process of relocating to an Islington environment and will return as soon as we can!

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