Below are some links to information which you may be interested in. They also include websites of organisation  I have worked at and from which I received my training:

The Maria Montessori Institute

The Maria Montessori Institute is a not-for-profit organisation which runs training courses and educational outreach and charity programmes in many parts of the world. Run under their auspice in London are 6 Maria Montessori Children’s Houses in Hampstead, West Hampstead, Nottinghill, Bayswater and Holly Park.

Association Montessori Internationale

AMI was founded by Maria Montessori herself in 1929 and provides further information on Montessori organisations and work worldwide.

Living Spring Montessori

Living Spring is a full day care nursery in Cricklewood for children aged 3 months to 6 years.

Dittas (Dyslexia Information, Training, Teaching, Assessment Service)

Dyslexia Centre in Bromley, Kent

The National Autistic Society

The society provides support and training for carers and educators.

Manchester Grammar School

MGS is an independent school supporting young men from Primary through to Sixth Form.

Dyslexia Action

Dyslexia Association of Singapore

The Association for People with Special Needs (APSN)

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