Montessorians create! (Click on it for an awesome article!)

Montessorians create!

Montessorians create! We encourage construction! The child’s construction of himself, his personality, his movements. Were you following the Olympics? How did humans come up with so many different ways to move? Montessori observed and noticed we are the only specie capable making and becoming anything we want to be. I googled and found that we have created almost 7000 languages. We created google!

Don’t encourage imaginative minds to create only figments of imagination when your child is able make them realities! Creativity requires real experiences, skills to make things happen and discipline to see it through. Montessori environments encourage exploration and creativity through providing concrete experiences and supporting the development of the child’s character.- Characters that are positive to society and helpful to themselves. I begin to get carried away and off topic. So here’s a link about former Montessori children contributing to the world! 


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